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Welcome to Floe Financial Partners, Inc.

Welcome to Floe Financial Partners, Inc.

Since 1987, Floe Financial Partners, Inc. has enabled individuals, families, charities and corporations to work toward their financial goals. We feel that we have built an outstanding team of advisors, support staff and related professionals. The financial consultants of Floe Financial Partners, Inc. are affiliated with LPL Financial. Unlike traditional brokerage firms in which stockbrokers charge commissions to execute trades, we are fee-based asset managers who provide investment advice.

Feel free to browse our site. You'll find a variety of articles, calculators, and research reports that we hope will answer your questions or stimulate your interest. If you have any questions, please call us at (626) 304-9141. We look forward to talking with you.

Our Core Values

Commitment - Our client's best interests are front and center. We work hard to provide informed, objective, and current advice regarding the global economy and specific investments. As independent financial advisors, we focus on what is best for our clients. 

Transparency - We strive to be sure that our clients understand their investments including risks, returns, allocations, and rankings when compared to similar investments and indexes. 

Flexibility - We maintain a flexible approach to investing. This means that we can "tailor make" each client portfolio. We work closely with each client to be sure that their portfolio reflects their investment goals, experience, need for income, and tolerance for risk. Our investment process allows us to adjust portfolios as needed based on our economic research. 

Community Involvement/Philanthropy - From our inception, we have invested our time and money to help improve our world. We have focused our resources in such a way as to improve opportunities for individuals and families in the United States and abroad. We actively serve on the boards of local and international charities. 

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