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How To Include Charitable Giving in your Legacy Plan

When creating a financial plan, charitable giving is often forgotten or overlooked. Unfortunately, many individuals don't know how to include giving into their legacy plan or feel they don't have enough to give. As you envision the contribution you wish to leave behind, weigh the importance of giving back and serving others. If charity falls into your vision for building your legacy, we invite you to meet with our team at Floe Financial Partners, Inc. We will help you learn more about the tools available for adding charitable donations to your legacy plan.

How to Leave a Charitable Legacy

Once you realize that serving others and giving back to your community is a priority, you may wonder where to begin. Work with a professional at Floe Financial Partners, Inc. We can help you: 

  • Pick a charitable organization or beneficiary
  • Determine what percent of your assets you will donate
  • See if your chosen recipient accepts non-cash donations (such as real estate, stocks, or bonds)
  • Meet with your financial and legal advisors to solidify the details
  • Consider donor advised funds and charitable reminder trusts

Plan to Use Your Wealth For Good

Philanthropic planning is an opportunity to use the wealth you have accumulated in your lifetime to continue to help others after you pass. Work with Floe Financial Partners, Inc. to build your financial legacy plan and determine the best destination for your assets after your death.

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