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Use Estate Planning to Protect Those You Love

How Does Estate Planning Differ From Retirement Planning?

The terms retirement planning and legacy planning are not interchangeable and are often confused with one another. Planning for retirement typically entails saving money to prepare for life after full-time employment. Estate or legacy planning, however, focuses on the protection, management and distribution of your financial assets after you pass away.  

Protect Your Beneficiaries Using Estate Planning Services

When building a financial plan, many individuals forget to consider the unknown variables that change can bring in the future. Unexpected shifts in your health, job or family status can lead to financial upheaval. We recommend using our estate planning services to fill in the gaps of your current financial plan. Use estate planning to do all of the following:

  • Assign inheritances
  • Select guardians for your dependents
  • Name a power of attorney
  • Stagger fund distribution for tax reduction and longevity
  • Name legal and financial trustees to reduce legal conflicts
  • Establish insurance coverage to protect your financial assets

Start Plans For Your Legacy Today

As you think ahead to the many potential outcomes of your life, it is best to stay optimistic about the future. Using estate and legacy planning services offered by Floe Financial Partners, Inc. will set you up to help the ones you love most. Contact us today at 626-304-9141 to get started.

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