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Economic Research: Informed Financial Decisions

Strong financial planning requires a deep understanding of market and economic fluctuations. When you know the current trends in the economy, you can make informed financial decisions. The advisors at Floe Financial Partners, Inc. incorporate economic research into our services to inform allocations.

Understanding Economic Cycles

The economy isn’t static. It moves through a four-stage cycle, with fluctuations in each cycle. These four stages are:

  • Expansion: Key indicators of an expansion economy are low interest and unemployment rates and high consumer confidence for at least two consecutive quarters.
  • Peak: At this stage, expansion stalls, and productive output is at its maximum.
  • Contraction: Declining employment numbers and housing starts and rising interest rates signal that the economy is contracting.
  • Trough: When the economy is at its lowest, unemployment rates are high, credit availability declines and prices fall.

Economic health impacts the markets across all sectors. However, some industries fare better than others during each phase.

Making Informed Decisions

At Floe Financial Partners, Inc., we conduct daily economic research to gauge short and long-term trends. We use this information to determine suitable asset allocation strategies. We stay apprised of market conditions that impact your portfolio through our research. This information can strengthen our decision-making process, providing you with the support you need to manage your financial goals.

Floe Financial Partners, Inc. builds life-long relationships with our clients, and we work with you at each step of the financial planning process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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